Net Neutrality: Internet Apocalypse Fails to Pass

Although the history of the modern internet is limited to the past 30 years, the basis of net neutrality began much earlier. In 1934 with Franklin Roosevelt signed the Communications Act into law. Title II of the act designated telephone companies as “common carriers” (“Net Neutrality Overview”). What Is Net Neutrality? The Complete WIRED Guide | WIRED The FCC passed its sweeping net neutrality order in 2015, and was again sued by telecommunications firms. The same federal court that shot down the FCC’s previous attempts at net neutrality rules The Ugly Truth About Obama's "Net Neutrality

Dec 14, 2017

The Case for Net Neutrality Mar 19, 2019 Internet During Lockdowns Proves Ending Net Neutrality Was

The repeal of the net neutrality rules would totally eliminate innovation in the Internet space because the newly anointed winners would squash innovation like a cockroach. Startups would no longer be able to pull themselves up by their bootstraps and boldly innovate. They would have to pay tolls to use the system. Uhhh, not true.

The FCC Has Published the Net Neutrality Repeal Order On January 5, the FCC published their net neutrality repeal order, but opponents have not given up the fight to reverse the commission's decision. it will then need to pass in the House and be