Apr 15, 2020 · Age-restricted videos are not visible to those who are not logged in, under 18 years old, or have Restricted Mode turned on. You can remove the restriction by the following method: Mar 27, 2014 · When starting to play or watch a video on YouTube, YouTube may block the video with a Content Warning message. The Content Warning indicates that “this video may be inappropriate for some users,” and requires you to sign in to confirm your age. If you have always signed into a Google account, the Content Warning shouldn’t be a problem to you. However, if you want […] Apr 22, 2014 · Age restricting sadly doesn't protect you from crap though. But if you're trying to protect yourself from hate it won't work. The age restriction is more of an advisory, if 5 year olds can hack an xbox I'm pretty sure 12 year olds can make fake accounts to sign in to lol But otherwise it will only damage your view chances & you can't monetise. But if you really want to watch that video on YouTube without creating a new Google Account and signing in than you will need to follow these simple steps. There are many tricks to bypass age restriction on YouTube. Just follow the one which you like and find it easy to follow. Now follow each steps carefully. The first is very simple and easy. 1 click login bypass. No more typing! Drag "Bypass YT login" link to your bookmarks bar: Bypass YT login! Next time youtube asks you to sign in simply click the bookmarklet!

Aug 19, 2019 · YouTube also provides a platform where thousands of creators are making hundreds of thousands of dollars online. In this article, we’re going to discuss a trick to bypass the age restriction on YouTube without needing to sign in to your account. Bypass age restriction on YouTube

Watch Age Restricted YouTube Videos Without Signing In. If you stumble upon a YouTube video that, for one reason or another has been set as "age restricted," you can still watch the video without signing in or confirming your age. Just use this little URL trick. Jan 04, 2018 · A YouTube Kids account is separate from any YouTube account, so those settings will have to be changed manually as well, Humphrey said. Log into YouTube Kids with the lock icon at the bottom of Hello. I don't have, and refuse to get, a youtube/google account. Is there a way I can download age restricted videos videos with youtube-dl without having to create an account? Its easy to view age restricted videos in a normal browser, but actually downloading the videos does not work.

May 01, 2019 · Content > Method 1. Use YouTube in ‘NSFW’ mode > Method 2. Use YouTube in embed link mode > Method 3. Use YouTube in ‘Repeat’ mode ; YouTube limits the viewing of some videos that it considers unsuitable for a certain age, either to show its vulgar language, its violent and / or sexual content, or activities only in dangerous situations. Marijuana is a regulated good and we apply the same policy to content featuring marijuana. That means, sale of marijuana seeds, edibles, etc. are not allowed. For example, a video featuring tips on how to smoke weed is allowed as long as it’s safe, appropriate, and doesn’t contain links or numbers to call to buy weed.