China is reported to have blocked the YouTube video-sharing website because it has been carrying video of soldiers beating monks and other Tibetans. The date and location of the footage, posted by a Tibetan exile group, cannot be ascertained. A Chinese government spokesman would not confirm whether YouTube had indeed been blocked.

China has blocked YouTube, Google, TicTock, Netflix? Jul 05, 2020 YouTube says China-linked comment deletions weren’t caused May 28, 2020 China Blocks Qualcomm’s Attempt to Buy a Dutch Chipmaker China's moves echo some of the US's own actions. The Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States, or CFIUS, blocked a firm with reported ties to the Chinese government from buying Lattice

China doesn’t like information running freely and has blocked many well-known companies such as Facebook, Twitter, WordPress and even Wikipedia. Knowing that, it’s no surprise that YouTube is next on the list too because it is after all the second most visited site in the World after Google.

When it was first blocked: YouTube was blocked on-and-off multiple times in the late 2000s, including in October 2007, March 2008 during riots in Tibet, and in March 2009 when it went down in the cryfreedomlove brings news that YouTube has once again been blocked in China. The Google-owned video site was censored in China last year because of videos about the protests in Tibet, and that may be the impetus behind this latest restriction. According to a New York Times report, "'The instant sp Mar 24, 2009 · YouTube confirmed Tuesday its website was being blocked in China, although the California firm offered no explanation for why Chinese authorities were barring access to the popular video-sharing

Jun 06, 2020

India recently blocked 59 China-linked apps. However, ban on international websites and apps is not new in China. The country follows very strict internet censorship, known as Great Firewall of China, existing since more than a decade. Intenet in China is a world unto itself, where government monitors content and the word's most-popualr websites and apps are not easily accessible. Though China Jun 23, 2019 · As you most likely already know, YouTube is blocked in China, but is it still possible to access YouTube in the country?. Despite the fact that YouTube has been restricted for use by Chinese users since March 2009, it is still possible to access YouTube to watch videos in China if you know how. Jan 04, 2020 · Facebook in China. Facebook, just like many other social media sites, is blocked in China. Instead, Chinese people use the alternative of WeChat (微信 – Wēixìn) to be social, which is widely seen as China’s answer to WhatsApp – but with its social media style “wall” and ability to do almost anything on the app…