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Using a VPN creates a link that treats your computer as if it was connected to our network directly, which gives you access to the department's resources. University resources can be access using the Library's VPN service in the same way. How to connect to the VPN? Detailed instructions can be found on our https://bftv.ucdavis.edu/vpn page. UCDHS Duo Self Service To improve our security posture, UC Davis Health has incorporated Duo Security as a multi-factor authentication solution to access EPCS, Office 365, VPN, HS Apps, and other applications from off-site locations. DUO helps to verify identification by combining username and password (something you know) with cell phone or landline (something you Frequently Requested Services | Information Technology

Frequently Requested Services | Information Technology

Step-by-step installation instructions are available in the IT@UC Knowledge Base article UC VPN Installation and Use Instructions. If you are experiencing issues with AnyConnect, please refer to our Troubleshooting guide for UC VPN KB article, or contact our Service Desk.

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