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Hi Kunal, Its a bug, seen using AnyConnect 3.1.05160 and ASA version 9.1(5), with physical interface MTU between1357 and 1368. Workaround: Increase the MTU of the physical adapter used for the VPN connection to be 1366 or higher. 1 day ago · According to Forbes, the “Saving American History Act of 2020,” would withhold federal funding from K-12 schools who decide to teach the project. The 1619 Project was created by 2019 Root 100 Sadece Sen 2014 TV-14 1h 45m Romantic Movies An ex-boxer falls in love with a blind woman and starts to build a new life, but his violent past returns to endanger them both. Jan 10, 2019 · VPN encryption is the process of securing the data within the VPN client-VPN server tunnel to make sure it can’t be exploited by anyone. Basically, when you run a VPN client and connect to a VPN server , your connection requests are encrypted before they are sent to the server.