Jul 17, 2020 · After 30 seconds, plug the Apple TV device into a different power outlet. If possible, try a different Apple TV power cable. Problem: Brightness, Color, or Tint Is Off

This prompted me to just plug the Apple TV in directly to the router using an ethernet cable. Having the Apple TV plugged in directly solved the problem immediately. The Apple TV has 802.11 N, but that just is not fast enough to stream high-quality HD video while multiple other devices are connected as well. Is there a difference between plugging my Ethernet cable If you only have one computer you don't need a router so you could plug your computer directly into your modem. However, even if you only have a single computer, many people like to place a router between their computer and their modem to take advantage of the security features that a router provides. Apple TV Problems and How to Solve Them - Lifewire

Oct 21, 2018

How to Connect Apple TV to an Old Analog TV - Technipages Feb 24, 2019

Jan 13, 2011 · Connecting Apple TV to Your Computer. First unplug your Apple TV. Unplug both the HDMI capable attaching it to your home theatre setup, and the power cord. If you’re using an optical audio cable to connect to an A/V receiver, disconnect that, too. Now plug your Apple TV into your Mac, using a Micro USB cable.

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