Hello, I have a WRT1900AC and it's acting very strangely. I have a FIOS box with 100M service. If I connect my computer directly to the FIOS box either wired or 5G wifi, I get over 100M down and 100M up. When I hook up my WRT1900AC up to the FIOS box with a cable, then connect my computer to

Unusual access | DSLReports, ISP Information Forum discussion: Have had FiOS gigabit for 3 weeks now. It worked great the first two weeks, was getting 200+ Mbps download and upload. Suddenly last week my download speed has slowed to a Slow wifi download speed - solved (not Smartbyte) - Dell The download speed increased 7 times. Here is the solution: " Hope these steps help anyone out there dealing with this frustration Backstory: Purchased a Dell Inspiron 7000 / 7375 2-in-1 laptop. All was well but the internet was unbelievably slow (0.1Mbps), even though it was connected to a high speed FIOS network. Dell customer service was Internet Speed Classifications: Which Types of Internet Nov 05, 2015

Sep 12, 2017

Re: Hardwired download speed slow through Orbi, fast to computer Just for the record, this is somewhat new of it happening. I’ve had gigabit fios for over a year now and my speeds were fine, I’m not exactly sure when this started to happen but my download speed to to be around 800-900. Why Is My Internet So Slow? What Can I Do to Fix It? Stop Background Programs That Hog Bandwidth. Some software applications, like Windows Update … VERIZON GIGABIT WIFI SPEED TEST IS SUPER SLOW - YouTube

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Slow Speed on Verizon Fios - Apple Community Nov 15, 2007 Internet Speed Test - get upload & download speeds We all know how frustrating a slow internet connection can be. With CenturyLink’s free internet speed test, you can see how fast your upload and download speeds are, as well as more detailed statistics like jitter and ping to help you diagnose why your WiFi isn’t performing like it should. Very Slow Download Speeds - Verizon FIOS - TestMy.net Jan 26, 2013 Verizon Internet Reviews | 2020 ISP Guide | U.S. News