DD-WRT routers: How to change DNS settings

For services, The services entries are applied in the order that they appear in your services tables going from bottom to top. Again, only the first match will apply. Initial Setup. Log into the Web Interface; Select the NAT/QoS tab and then the QoS sub-tab. Click "Enable" Set Port to "WAN". Latest DD-WRT Releases. To obtain the matching version for your router please use the Router Database: » Router Database The micro version of DD-WRT is the only version for Broadcom routers with 2MB flash. It is stripped-down with only basic features to fit in the limited flash space, and additional software packages are unlikely to fit. Despite these limitations, for existing owners, DD-WRT micro is likely to add additional functionality over OEM firmware. DD-WRT runs a small httpd server used for configuring the router. This guide will show how to use it to serve you own pages to your LAN or to the world. Please remember that opening WEB server to the world could be potential security problem. DD-WRT v24 RC7+ SSHd and SSH TCP Forwarding must be enabled under Services -> Secure Shell Remote SSH Management should be enabled as well, under Administration -> Management Setup. Setting up a remote port forward is relatively straightforward when using the PuTTY utility under Windows. See Connections -> SSH -> Tunnels. Jul 19, 2016 · WRT stands for Wireless Router and was first coined by the infamous Linksys WRT54G. This was the first router used for the development of DD-WRT and has become an iconic success since. DD comes from the German town code for Dresden where BrainSlayers, the initial development team, lived.

Creating a Wi-Fi hotspot on a router with firmware DD-WRT

Dec 15, 2017 DD-WRT Access Point - 5 Simple Steps Guide To Convert Your The DD-WRT access point can work without having to perform 30-30-30 reset. If you want to restart or reset the device then there are also some risks concerned to it, if it is not done in the right way. Now let us take you through a step-by-step guide to create an access point using a DD-WRT router. Step 1

Dec 15, 2017

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