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pfSense and Verizon FiOS – Ian Marrero Feb 17, 2020 Verizon: We have plenty of IPv4 addresses | Network World Verizon said it has hundreds of IPv6 customers, including content providers and government agencies, in the United States. "A lot of customers who host their own content or applications, or IPV6 Adoption: Is your ISP ready to support IPv6? Jul 14, 2018

Apr 07, 2010

Free tool to convert IPv4 address into 6to4 address and IPv4-mapped IPv6 address.

IPv6, the next-generation protocol, provides approximately 340 undecillion IP addresses (see Figure 1), ensuring availability of new IP addresses far into the future, as well as promoting the continued expansion and innovation of Internet technology.

Verizon Wifi Calling - Spectrum : ipv6 Got around to enabling IPv6 at home. Everything seems to be working except my droid from Verizon sometimes won't send texts or connect calls until I disabled and reenable wifi. LAN Settings - Verizon Jetpack 4G LTE Mobile HotSpot - MHS291L