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Top 5 tips for using a password manager. Here is Accelita’s Top 5 tips for using a password manager. Remember, password managers are not the only defence against credential compromise! 1. Use the password generator to generate strong passwords. Most good password managers come with the ability to generate strong passwords. The top 5 worst passwords of 2017 (and how to choose one Dec 29, 2017 Top 5 Password Manager

That’s a lot of passwords. Most of us can’t even keep up with all of our children’s birthdays! In comes a password manager to save the day. Here are the top reasons to use a password manager: • Keep track of your passwords- This is the obvious reasons that most people invest in a password manager.

5 Best Password Managers For Windows 10 [2020 Edition]

The 5 Best Password Managers [2020] | Official Top 5 Review

LastPass (Free, $36 per year for premium): LastPass is one of the most popular and well-known password managers. It Myki: Myki uses a device to sync your data instead of a cloud-based server. Everything starts on your phone or tablet, RememBear ($36 …