Google is easier to remember and OpenDNS is and My ISP hosts their DNS in Phoenix AZ, not near me

Google DNS vs OpenDNS: Google Rocks for International Users Google DNS vs OpenDNS: Google Rocks for International Users. Slow DNS resolving is one of the major causes of browsing slowdowns. (If you don't know what is DNS look at the end of the post). The DNS services provided by the ISPs were often crappy and erratic and OpenDNS had emerged as the de-facto alternative. OpenDNS was not without its faults. Any advantage to using Google's DNS servers VS your ISP's Aug 22, 2014

OpenDNS vs G o o g l e DNS. Services like OpenDNS and GoogleDNS can speed up your browsing experience while keeping you secure on the internet. Generally, when you are connecting to a website, your browser is using the domain name server (DNS) of your internet service provider (ISP).

OpenDNS is perhaps the second-most popular DNS service because in some cases it can be more than 150% faster than Google Public DNS and it also provides some extra filtering features. It's also typically faster than the default name servers assigned by ISPs. How to Switch to OpenDNS or Google DNS to Speed Up Web Aug 30, 2017 How to Use OpenDNS or Google DNS on Your Mac

Apr 21, 2018

CloudFlare & OpenDNS Work Together to Help the Web May 03, 2012 EDNS Client Subnet (ECS) Guidelines | Public DNS | Google Aug 22, 2018 Apr 17, 2019 · Thus, it is a direct match between OpenDNS and GoogleDNS. OpenDNS VS google DNS. OpenDNS; OpenDNS is one of the most popular DNS service providers. They offer free as well as premium DNS protection. OpenDNS offers many interesting and useful features like faster browsing speed, anti-phishing feature, and Parental Control program. Since my ISP thought was a good idea to modify their resolver responses to push me to their own "search engine", I realized the importance of the free DNS projects that Google, OpenDNS and others are offering.