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IPv6 unique local addresses - study-ccna.com Unique local IPv6 addresses begin with FD00::/8. A unique local IPv6 address is constructed by appending a randomly generated 40-bit hexadecimal string to the FD00::/8 prefix. The subnet field and interface ID are created in the same way as with global IPv6 addresses. A graphical representation of an unique local IPv6 address: IPv6 - how to get a local link address? - YouTube May 27, 2018

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Address prefix is always FE80::/64 and IPv6 router never forwards link-local traffic beyond the link. These addresses are comparable to the auto-configuration addresses of IPv4. A link-local address is also required for Neighbor Discovery processes.

Jun 12, 2020

The link-local address of a node is the combination of the prefix fe80::/64 and the 64-bit interface identifier expressed in IPv6 colon-hexadecimal notation. Therefore, the link-local address of this example node with the prefix fe80::/64 and the interface identifier 02-60-08-ff-fe-52-f9-d8 is fe80::260:8ff:fe52:f9d8. ip - What is Link-local addressing? - Network Engineering Link-local addresses are used for communication between two hosts (which are there on the same link) when no other IP address is specified. In simple words, at the time of booting up, OS tries to configure an address on its interface through various methods like - IPv6 Link Local Address Explained | Dotcom-Monitor Tools Blog Sep 18, 2018